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What Causes A Business To Grow?

B2B Marketers, Want to Drive Higher Revenue Growth? Start Obsessing Over Customers Now. By now, B2B marketers understand first-hand that better customer experience correlates to higher revenue growth. Forrester and others have reports and studies to prove it.  Leaders see it happening in real-time. Sure, the competition still matters. But businesses who are focused, and yes, obsessed, with their customers...
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Why You Need an Emotive Brand

E very company can perform better if their brand connects emotionally with people. As easy as it is to say it, pulling it off isn't easy. There are some factors that your brand has to be: Meaningful. There is a greater impact when when your brand has a strong emotional connection to individual people – when it has meaning. A...
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Facts About Video Marketing

S ome facts you probably didn't know about video marketing. Did you know brands using video in their social media marketing see 10 times the number of shares than those that don’t? Research continues to show the value of video marketing, and reasons why companies that aren’t investing need to. Want to know more about how videos can impact a...
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